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Fall Conferences Names & Responsibilities Roundup

FairField Permission Slips needed from: Emma A, Saige A, Seth A, Emily L, Matt W, Brian B, and Erin B. 

UCMUN Permission slips needed from: Michael B, John M, Ryan G, Patrick H.  see photo for payments…

New UCNMUN assignments: 

Also: October the 27th is CogMUN! email Tyler or me your position paper BEFORE THE DATE PLEASE! See you there with lots of food!




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Fall Research

Here are the country assignments for UcMun…

A few quick tips for you UcMun and CogMun (October 27th!) research: Discover your allies through looking at current trade partner, past events, and treaties your country has and hasn’t signed. And remember that your country’s official position is often different than what it actually does!

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