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Fall Research

Here are the country assignments for UcMun…

A few quick tips for you UcMun and CogMun (October 27th!) research: Discover your allies through looking at current trade partner, past events, and treaties your country has and hasn’t signed. And remember that your country’s official position is often different than what it actually does!

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Using the UNBISnet

You can use the UNBISnet to find official United Nations reports, resolutions, and more on all sorts of topics. This post will walk you through the basics of using the site to find information to help you in your research.

Let’s get started.

First, go to

Click “New Keyword Search”.

On this page, you can type in key words or phrases for your search. I recommend using the “General Keyword” setting for what you enter. There is also an option to search as single words, or as phrases.

In addition, you can refine your keyword search by entering certain parameters. I generally select all the boxes for most of the options and make sure that English is selected for the languages box. I set it to sort reverse chronologically (most recent first) and filter out the TOO old stuff.


When everything looks all set, click the little red arrow () to start the search!

The search may take a few seconds, so don’t be worried if it doesn’t immediately load with results (this isn’t google, mind you!).

Eventually the results (should) pop up. If you don’t find anything good, try different key phrases and settings. For this example, I just typed ‘Sudan’ in as a keyword using the settings shown above and here’s my initial results:


To open the file, click the “English” hyperlink under “Link to:”. This will bring you to a nice looking .PDF file you can print (note the length before printing and consider double-sided or 2 pages/sheet to reduce paper usage, or just printing key pages!).





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Basic Research Process

Tips for Researching

I. Ex: Human Trafficking in the Balkans

A. Helpful Websites

1. CIA World Fact Book

2. U.S. Embassy

3. Wikipedia

4. Primary Sources


B. Questions To Ask

1. What – what should you be looking for?

2. Where – where you should look for it?

3. How – how to read it?

C. Position Paper

1. First Paragraph

a) Quick info about country

b) Statement of country’s view

c) Information about relation of country and topic

2. Middle Paragraph

a) EXPAND on the information given above^

3. Last Paragraph

a) Propose new ideas

b) How to solve issues in committee

– E.M.

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