Research Tips

There are some universal things that you should know about your country/topic before going to a conference.

First, you should know fully the topic you’re discussing.  You can find this information in the background guide.  In fact, you should start research by fully reading the background guide.

Second, you should know the current situation of your country.  Specifically, you should know your country’s:

  • Full name/proper name
  • GDP per capita
  • literacy rate
  • Healthcare expenditure
  • Military expenditure
  • Major export/import partners
  • Major religions of the people
  • Languages spoken by the people
  • Ethnicities of the people
  • Last ratified constitution date
  • Government type
  • Death, birth, and maternal mortality rate

You can find all this information and more in the CIA World Factbook 

Other Useful Links:

For news, information, and media files on your topic, try finding it on New York Times Topics

For more specific information about the “freedom” of your country try Freedom House

For a brief background on the United Nations, use this Background on UN

For a powerful search engine, use the Connecticutters exclusive

And remember, there’s no shame in using Wikipedia. The “sources” section of the article on a given topic can be very useful as a springboard.


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